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Bentleigh ANA DreamTeam

Round 9 is Locked

Welcome to the new Bentleigh ANA online dreamteam competition. To participate, you must first be registered with our website, then you can register your team. Select your best 11 players and 4 emergencies and don't forget to select your captain. You have a limit of 10 player trades for the season, with a maximum of 2 per round, however, you can make unlimited trades leading up to round 1.

Points are calculated at 1 per run, 20 per wicket, 15 per catch, stumping or runout. 12 bonus points for 30 runs or 3 wickets, and 20 points for 50 runs or 5 wickets. Non bowlers who socre a duck receive negative 20 points.

The price of entry $25.

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Round 8 Leaders

PosTeam NameCoachTotal Score
1Come at me BroJames Coyne808
2gatto shoot 1st ask questions laterPat Gatto706
3Franks FEARSOMEFrank Loiacono692
4Micks WreckersMichael Whelan687
5Hampshire CountyAnthony Gill645
6Reclaim dreamteamAlastair Richardson611
7Sticks TeamDarcy McCaffrey578
8Still beating AlSam Wolfe566
9Skips ChoiceBill Biggs555
10Kains ToadsAdam Kain547

Competition Leaders

PosTeam NameCoachTotal Score
1Franks FEARSOMEFrank Loiacono4241
2Still beating AlSam Wolfe4077
3gatto shoot 1st ask questions laterPat Gatto4046
4Reclaim dreamteamAlastair Richardson3950
5Hampshire CountyAnthony Gill3915
6Sticks TeamDarcy McCaffrey3830
7Micks WreckersMichael Whelan3633
8Come at me BroJames Coyne3626
9Kains ToadsAdam Kain3608
10Skips ChoiceBill Biggs3517

Registered Teams

PosTeam NameCoachTotal ScoreRound 8Round 7Round 6Round 5
8Come at me BroJames Coyne3626808360514526
1Franks FEARSOMEFrank Loiacono4241692684762390
3gatto shoot 1st ask questions laterPat Gatto4046706620574568
5Hampshire CountyAnthony Gill3915645541700450
9Kains ToadsAdam Kain3608547434713332
7Micks WreckersMichael Whelan3633687356738479
4Reclaim dreamteamAlastair Richardson3950611643721460
10Skips ChoiceBill Biggs3517555695584431
6Sticks TeamDarcy McCaffrey3830578454659441
2Still beating AlSam Wolfe4077566655768510